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Cyprus Property Investments specialises in residency and investment properties in Cyprus for high net worth investors and their families that are seeking an alternative option. Cyprus Property Investments will offer you:









Why Us

Buying a property is always a stressful task, now buying a property in a country that you are not familiar with is an even more daunting task. The experience gained by living on this beautiful island and other countries has given us the opportunity to pass on this knowledge to our clients.

We strive to make this process as smooth as possible and ensure that you will always receive the professional customer service that is synonymous with Cyprus Property Investments. Our hands-on approach means that we will always be by your side and accompany you to the island and assist you from start to finish and ensure that your property dreams become a reality.




Options Available



  • Property investment of €2 000 000
  • Time frame is three months for your EU passport


  • Property investment of €300 000 plus VAT & €30 000 in a fixed deposit account for three years
  • Time frame is two months after submitting your papers



Cyprus Residency Requirements


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Cyprus Property Investments
Cyprus Property Investments
Cyprus Property Investments
Cyprus Property Investments